Docteur Fanny Nusbaum , conférencière chez Minds

Dr. Nusbaum Fanny

Psychologist and neuroscience researcher. Author.

Mrs Nusbaum directs, in Lyon, the PSYRENE Center, a multidisciplinary team taking care of children, adolescents, and adults in psychology and development of capabilities, following a psychological, cognitive, and neuropsychological evaluation, in particular by validated tests and inventories.


She is also President of PSYRENE, an association that organizes in particular the PSYRENE-Events congresses, focused on the development of capabilities.


Today, she strives to explain and support intelligence where it is and whatever form it takes. she founded and leads the PSYRENE Center, a center of cognitive expertise for children and adults whose heart is to reveal intelligence.


Fanny Nusbaum is also an associate researcher at the University of Lyon1 in psychology and neurosciences, where she directs MRI studies on different abilities and intelligence: philocognition (high potential), performance.

Her book “The philo-cognitive, They don’t like to think and think differently”, published by Editions Odile Jacob, offers a model of human capacities and profiles described with precision and advice for each profile. Its sequel, “The Secret of the Performers”, highlights a new model of human intelligence, defining it as a state and not as an intrinsic capacity.


Trainer, teacher and speaker, she communicates on human intelligence, its link with artificial intelligence, but also on the cogs that push to make consumption choices (neuroeconomics) or on how to modify their thoughts and behaviors to constitute themselves. an epigenetic fortress.