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Julien Bobroff


Julien Bobroff is a physicist, researcher, and Professor at the University of Paris-Saclay. A specialist in quantum physics and physics of matter, he offers a new perspective on this discipline. In his team "La Physique Autrement", he explores new forms of popularization and teaching of science.

A specialist in quantum physics, for twenty years he worked on superconductivity and quantum materials. In 2011, he organized the Year of Superconductivity for the CNRS. In 2013, he created a new research team, “La Physique Autrement”, where he explored new forms of popularization and teaching of science. He notably develops collaborations with the world of design. Passionate about his discipline, he tells it in all fields and in all formats, conferences, happenings, demonstrations, exhibitions …

He enthusiastically describes fundamental physics and its mysteries, the most recent research but also current and future applications. The innovative media and devices that he develops with his team are widely disseminated online, around the world. of culture, in science museums, and in the world of education. In 2011 he received the SFP Jean Perrin prize for the popularization of science, then in 2015 the “Le Goût des Sciences” prize from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In 2019, he published with Flammarion “Mon Grand Mécano Quantique”


Spoken Languages: French



  • “Les grandes épopées qui ont fais la science”

  • “Mon grand mécano quantique”

  • “La quantique autrement”