Jurgis Didžiulis

Motivational Musician, Transformational Troubadour, Artistic Activist

Mixing passion for music and social phenomenon to inspire, engage, educate, and activate

Jurgis seamlessly mixes his passion for music and social phenomenon to enlighten individuals, businesses, and organizations on the intrinsic power of human capital and the potential of properly aligned values.


He uses musical interaction, comedy, and academic insight to engage audiences viscerally and demonstrate how to identify, attune and seize latent “human assets” for social innovation, more relevant CSR, improved HR, sincere PR, a heightened sense of community and a more socially and environmentally aligned perspective of day-to-day activities and strategic objectives.

His diverse background ranging from Eurovision to EU consultant, to corporate Edutainer allows him to bend formats and shape-shift to guarantee a stimulating and enlightening experience.


Jurgis also make people sing and dance because it’s more fun like that.



Spoken Languages: English, Spanish