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Laura-Joy Boulos

Neuroscience researcher

Dr Laura-Joy Boulos is a neuroscience researcher at the intersection between academia and the industry, with a strong desire to transform discoveries from the former into concrete solutions developed by the latter.

She is an Associate Professor in Neuroscience at Saint-Joseph University and an independent Life Science consultant in the biotech industry in Paris.


Her work focuses on cognitive and executive functions as well as decision making in times of turmoil and uncertainty. She published in several peer-reviewed journals and obtained many prizes among which the 2020 l’Oréal-UNESCO international rising award for the 15 most promising women in science. 


Laura-Joy has recently co-founded Sci-dip, a startup that makes the latest research in the health sector accessible to a general audience, namely to worried patients.


By bridging the gap between research and the clinic, Sci-dip is strengthening patient satisfaction, our medical care and the global health sector.




Spoken Languages: French, English