Olga Chernysheva

Chief Sustainability Officer

Olga Chernysheva is a contemporary artist working in film, photography and drawing. She currently works at DRESSX (a meta-digital-fashion company) as Chief Sustainability Officer.

She graduated from the Gerasimov Film Institute in Moscow and her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Lunds Konsthall, the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and the Folkwang Museum Biennale.


It now helps companies to create innovative solutions to restore the planet and wishes to support motivated entrepreneurs. A true leader with more than 10 years of experience, she evolves in project management and sustainable development.


Successfully leading cross-functional teams in diverse environments, Olga knows how to explore unusual cases and bring innovative solutions to problems.


Focus on DressX:


DRESSX a meta-digital-fashion company that offers digital fashion collections from contemporary brands and designers.


Digital fashion is a virtual garment using 3D software to build a larger-than-life garment that can be visualized and simulated to look like a real garment.
The company also offers “influencer marketing campaign” packages that allow brands to provide their influencers with digital rather than physical clothing.


DRESSX has launched an app, where creating content with new outfits has become even easier: digital looks can be applied in augmented reality (AR) to videos and photos in real time. According to Barclay’s study, among their credit card users, 9% of clothing is purchased for content creation to be returned later.

DRESSX seeks to provide clothing that exists only in its digital version.



Areas of expertise: Metaverse, NFT, Digital Innovations, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Project Management, Business Development, Risk Analysis, Process Optimization, Trust-based Partnerships.



Languages spoken: English, Russian, French.