Raphaël Haumont

Physico Chemist

This French physico-chemist is known for his work on molecular cuisine, alongside chef Thierry Marx.

After a university course in physico-chemistry, and a doctoral thesis (Ecole Centrale Paris), he became interested in the study of matter and the relationships between structure and the resulting properties. It is with this same approach that he investigates food materials, and carries out part of his research around the physico-chemistry of cooking (molecular cooking).


Research in this discipline makes it possible to better understand the physical phenomena involved in cooking, to integrate new techniques, and ultimately to innovate by creating new textures and dishes.



In this context, he collaborates closely with Thierry Marx (research, articles and publications, courses and training). He teaches this discipline at the university, participates in teacher training (science and catering), and uses cooking as a vehicle for popularizing science to the general public (conferences, press, science festivals, etc.).