Tom Lawton

Designer & Inventor

Tom Lawton embodies the spirit of the Great British Inventor, blending creativity, skill, and determination to bring his innovative visions to life. An award-winning product design graduate, his diverse and imaginative designs have achieved commercial and critical acclaim in the UK and beyond.



Spoken Language: English


As a polymath, his creative potential is limitless, constantly exploring new horizons and embracing the joy of discovery. Tom’s enthusiasm and maverick outlook enable him to see opportunities in every challenge, embodying a philosophy that finding solutions is part of the adventure.

His speaking topics cover a spectrum of ideas, including lateral thinking, innovating on a budget, finding inspiration in the everyday, achieving sustainability in design, personal resilience, and the importance of following one’s passion and inner voice.


Tom’s approachable and engaging style makes him a compelling speaker, inspiring others to see the world of invention and creativity through his eyes.