Vincent Maes for Agence Minds, journalist and conference host and for the facilitation of your private event and corporate team building.

Vincent Maes

Host, comedian, editor

After 30 years in events, 40 years in theatre and many years in television, Vincent Maes has been hosting events for over 30 years.

Conventions, awards ceremonies, games, he adapts to all forms. Originally, it was his dual profile as a comedian and a business graduate (HEC prep school, ISG) that led him to be asked to liven up events in an essentially humorous register. A good word, a small shift in tone, can often be very useful to revitalise the attention of an audience or to get a speaker off the track, which is sometimes too monotonous, because it is too linear, to be effective…


Since then, experience and maturity have gradually led Vincent Maes to assert himself mainly in a journalistic posture of content.

If he has not lost his sense of humour, conveying meaning, making subjects intelligible, helping speakers to get their messages across, that is what drives him. In this quest for meaning, the role of the facilitator, as he sees it, is crucial. To animate (anima in Latin) is to “give breath! Therefore, to “give life” to the words exchanged. To do this, the facilitator must distil rhythm, rhythm and more rhythm. The event is the body of which the moderator is the heart. It is up to the latter to send out the right beats, to maintain listening skills, to encourage good understanding, to generate emotions, in short, everything that contributes to making a mark, without obviously putting himself forward, the heart being an organ that is both indispensable and hidden.


As comfortable in front of an audience as he is in front of a camera, Vincent Maes is an animator who knows how to build loyalty with his clients to the point of accompanying the same event, sometimes for up to ten years in a row. His roles as editor-in-chief and speaking coach also allow him, if necessary, to provide complete support from the very beginning of the event. All this in an atmosphere of trust and security linked to his natural benevolence.




Spoken Languages: French