Minds is an international speakers and experts agency based in Paris.

Minds is a speaker’s agency that advises clients on how to best showcase their corporate events through its international network of experts and personalities built over 20 years.


Minds expertise draws on a unique community of experts, journalists, moderators and opinion leaders eager to convey their knowledge & inspire crowds.


Each of these specialists is likely to enlighten, energise and add value to the discussions and content of its clients.


Choosing your panelist, expert, or presenter though Minds means tapping into a network of influential personalities that will help make your event more successful, and your teams more engaged. Minds helps make inspiring memories.

  • Connection

  • Integrity
  • Benevolence

  • Connection

  • Integrity
  • Benevolence

In 2021, Minds is expanding its offer to support anyone wishing to grow and thrive through digital training.

The team







Kenneth GRAND


Alexandra Deluzurieux

General Manager France

Daniel Martiny

Director of development



Muriel Favarger

Minds Suisse


Director of Celebrities & Artists department



Director of Welfare Department



Director of Impact


  • "Minds is an ideal setting that allows a speaker to focus on his activity, with confidence and serenity. The contact with the team is at the same time very professional, friendly and reassuring. For me, it is professional and human support that allowed me to grow throughout my career.”


    Sébastien Bohler

  • " Minds is more than a talent agency. It's a real mindset! I would define it as a community of talents, speakers and presenters who can bring collective intelligence to the table and to the content ecosystem."


    Marjorie Paillon

  • “ I have worked with Minds on my best assignments over the past few years. It is always a great pleasure to work with the entire team."


    Charlotte le Grix de la Salle

  • “There are agencies that stand out: loyalty, commitment, efficiency, responsiveness and above all that: an unparalleled sense of humanity. Minds is one of them. Thank you for existing!"


    Laura Massis

  • “Minds has been an incredible partner in my speaking career. They helped me build my personal brand, leading to more speaking opportunities.”

    AI Expert

    Rand Hindi

  • "I have known the founders of Minds for almost 20 years. They have made Minds a genuine and caring enterprise. It is always a pleasure, a personal and professional satisfaction to work with Minds."

    Keynote speaker

    Isaac Getz

  • "We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Minds on many events and it is always a pleasure to work with this professional, dynamic and friendly team!"


    Thierry Marx

  • “With Minds I work in confidence, assured that there will be a real response to the needs of the client, as well as great respect for my long experience as a journalist. Rarely do I say "go ahead" with my eyes closed ... and yet I tell you. You will not be disappointed."


    Elé Asu

  • Photographie Bertrand Nivard

    “High aerobatics three meters apart, at 600km / h, is our daily life at the Patrouille de France. The secret ? The confidence towards your teammates and the mechanics preparing our aircrafts. This confidence, I find it today with the whole Minds team.

    FIighter pilot

    Bertrand Nivard

  • Matthieu Tordeur explorateur et conferencier Minds

    "Responsive, serious and professional,Minds team takes great care in organizing inspiring conferences down to the last detail."


    Matthieu Tordeur

  • “I enjoyed working with Minds agency. When you solicited me as a speaker, the information you gave me was always precise and clear."

    Former French Secretary

    Jean Louis Debré

  • Minds believes in the talents of its animators. The team knows us all well and we work with confidence. This synergy is immediately reflected on customers. And that's how we end up animating the inauguration of a nuclear attack submarine with the French President! "


    Emmanuelle Dancourt

  • “Professional yet caring, enthusiastic but rigorous, both reliable and efficient, this is what the men and women of Minds are made of. I am always very happy to work with them and to associate my image with theirs. And I will be happy to intervene more for their clients.“


    Patrick Baudry

  • Pushing open the door of the Minds agency was no coincidence. It was a choice. The best choice. A team receptive to everyone's expectations, caring and efficient. And since there are encounters that are essential to our lives, thank you Minds for being by my side all this time.”


    Sylvia Bréger

  • Photographie Salime Nassur

    “What I particularly appreciate about Minds is the authenticity of the relationships and the search for maximum satisfaction between the agency, the client and the speaker. This is the key to a successful intervention and an amazed audience”

    Fromer Google Cloud marketing director

    Salime Nassur

  • “What a pleasure to work with Minds, always available, responsive and very professional in establishing contact with clients and following up on cases. Thank you!"


    Anette Burgdorf

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