The difference between a conference and a seminar.

3 July 2023





When it comes to training events or knowledge sharing, it is important to understand the distinction between a conference and a seminar. These two terms are often confused, but they have distinct meanings that need to be clarified. As a specialist speaker agency, we explain the differences between these two formats.



What is a conference?:

A conference is a gathering of people around a specific theme, led by one or more speakers. It is a place of exchange and sharing of ideas where participants can obtain information on a variety of subjects, be it international organizations, media, commercial information, etc.



What is a seminar?:

Seminars are organised in an academic context with the aim of developing specific skills and acquiring in-depth knowledge on a specific subject. They usually take place in small groups to promote interaction and communication between the participants and the seminar facilitator.



To choose between a seminar and a conference:

The choice between a seminar and a conference depends on your objectives and your budget. If you want to strengthen the skills of your teams and deepen their expertise, the seminars are more suitable. They provide an opportunity for in-depth learning and foster interaction between participants and experts.

On the other hand, if your main objective is to transmit information without necessarily deepening knowledge, a conference may be more appropriate. Conferences are often focused on presenting new ideas, trends or perspectives, and can be beneficial in inspiring and informing a broad audience.



Our speakers agency:

Whatever your choice, our agency of speakers is there to accompany you. We offer a selection of renowned speakers and experts in various fields. Whether you are looking for a speaker to lead a dynamic conference or a facilitator to guide a seminar, we have the right professionals for you.

In conclusion, although conferences and seminars share a common goal of sharing knowledge, they differ in their approach and format. Understanding these differences will allow you to choose the most appropriate format to achieve your specific goals. Call on our agency of speakers to organize a powerful event adapted to your needs.

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