Nora Gherbi

Founder of WHo CAREs!? Chronicles

From fashion to diplomacy and social entrepreneurship, she embodies an innovative leadership vision, blending empathy and compassion to redefine the world of work and our social interaction




Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish





Education and Early Career



Nora Gherbi, of Canadian and French nationality, has a diverse background. She studied international relations, literature, fine arts, and American ethnology in Calgary, Alberta.


She wrote an essay on the development and preservation of Canadian cultural identity, adopting ethnological theories to explain the relationship between personal development and cultural identity.


Her career began in the fashion industry, where she worked in product development and then as a buyer for various Canadian retailers.



Role as a Diplomat



Nora served as an economic diplomat for the French government for 14 years. She worked in various sectors, notably the environment, before being appointed Chief Representative for the City of London in France.


Her main role was to ensure economic and cultural relations during the tumultuous period of Brexit. She lived and worked in Calgary, Toronto, New York, and Paris, and now splits her time between New York, London, and Paris.




Entrepreneurship and Social Initiatives



Nora founded WHo CAREs!? Chronicles, a New York-based company with a mission focused on content and services. This initiative seeks to promote good leadership practices based on empathy and compassion, advocating for a new role in the business world, the “Chief Care Officer”.


WHoCAREs!? Chronicles provides an insight into corporate social responsibility through conferences, content, and social media campaigns. In 2018, she launched her first call to action on the refugee crisis through a short film selected in several festivals.


In addition to her company, Nora sits on the boards of several non-profit foundations and tech startups. She writes for various publications, including the New York-based Conscious Magazine, and is the editor-in-chief of the Care Guides, a series of guides aimed at encouraging the public and industries to produce and consume responsibly.


She is an international public speaker having spoken at Google, EDF, L’Oréal, Groupe Richemont, Apple NY, the United Nations General Assembly, the Change Now Summit, the Blockchain Fashion Week and other major events.



  • Guide “EAt LIKe YOu CARe!”