3 tips for finding the perfect speaker for a conference

1 September 2021



Find the right speaker for a conference may turn out to be a more complicated task than it seems. Minds teaches you how to avoid misconceptions, misunderstandings, and other unpleasant things in order to run the perfect conference smoothly.


Target the topic of intervention and define the objective of the conference

Define the focus of your event. You can address several of them during your conference and the speakers can be multiple and of different profiles.
Are you still hesitating or not sure which theme to choose? Go to the talent page to find the field and the speaker profile that is right for you.
Also think about what you are organizing the conference for. Business dinner, seminar, presentation of a new product? Depending on the occasion, the choice of your keynote speaker will differ.


Get organized

Organization is the key to a successful conference. Create a to-do list on which you gradually eliminate the things already accomplished.
On it, you will define your budget (the agency can present you with speakers that may arise from it), your desires, the location of the event, the points / subjects to be taken into account as well as the themes and profiles previously chosen.
You can prospect directly on your own to find a speaker for your conference but it may be time consuming.


To be accompanied

Communicate to your network about what you plan to organize, they can be of great help to you.
Do not hesitate to make contact with professionals putting companies in touch with speakers, you will save time (and sometimes even money!) Because you are in direct contact with your target and this will be more secure for your structure contractually speaking.



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