What budget for a keynote speaker

10 April 2023


Photographie d'une conférence

You have finally decided to organize a conference. You know the theme of your conference, the place, the people you are going to invite but you still have the most important thing: the cost of the speaker.


What is a conference?

A conference is a place of exchange of thoughts bringing together participants and a speaker (s) around a theme or a given subject that can be declined in several types (for international organizations, press, informative, commercial …).


Your expectations of the speaker


What you expect from the speaker for your conference will cause the price of the speaker to fluctuate.

During your event, the speaker can perform several missions (to be contracted out) other than speaking. For example, he can organize a workshop, do a team-building, signings / photos …


The profile of your keynote speaker

After determining the service you want from your speaker, you will need to determine their profile.
The profile, area of ​​expertise and reputation of your speaker will determine the cost of the speaker. There is a wide variety, ranging from high level speakers to junior speakers with therefore different prices.


Cost of a speaker


You will understand, the cost of your lecturer will therefore depend on his profile and the missions you entrust to him.

You can nevertheless count around 2,500 € HT to 6,000 € HT for a speaker in France.


Organize a conference


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