Guillaume Pitron

20 September 2021




It might be hard to comprehend, but by using digital technology and the objects that are linked to it, we create mountains of waste.

By liking for example your favorite Instagram page, you impact the environment. Data centers, energy networks, mines, submarine cables… infrastructures are mobilized to entertain us and work. And at what cost?


In his new book “Digital Hell. Journey at the end of a like “(Editions LLL), Guillaume Pitron investigated, on four continents, the materialistic impact of our lives presented as” virtual “. He brings back an observation based on field studies and wishes to make us aware of the ecological abyss caused by the current use of smartphones and computers.

The material and carbon footprint of an electronic object is measured from its conception and do not cease to increases during its life cycle. Thus, Guillaume Pitron teaches us that it takes 32 kilos of raw materials to produce a simple two-gram chip.

In a world where the ecological transition is more than topical, the damage caused to the environment by the use of these technologies is not sufficiently emphasized.

Companies all want to renew themselves by incorporating a new digital vision into the way they work … but how can they raise awareness among their employees, calculate their digital footprint and reduce it? this is part of the reflection of our specialist. It is not a question of condemning these technologies but of rethinking their use by applying concrete solutions in order to tackle one of the major environmental challenges of the coming decades.

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