The fear of failure: a barrier to your success.

13 September 2021

Image fail, bonhomme qui tombe

No matter our profession, our ambitions or our aptitudes, we have all been confronted with the fear of failure. It is completely human to feel this fear, it proves that your motivations are real, but when this one paralyzes and prevents you from achieving your goals, we must act and overcome it.

Minds shares with you some tips to overcome this fear.


Where does this fear of failure come from?

Failure is a necessary step for every human being, no matter what level we all have been through. However, it is difficult to recover from a failure on a project that was extremely close to our hearts. This is why in some cases this fear paralyzes us, and pushes us to self-sabotage because we unconsciously (or not) want to avoid any chance of failure. But you have to know that if you don’t allow yourself to fail you won’t allow yourself to win either.


Now discover our 3 tips to avoid being overwhelmed by this fear:


Think of the worst case scenario, but mostly of the best.


Fear of the unknown is closely linked to that of failure, which is why imagining the worst-case scenario can help us relativize, and in some cases help to say that if we fail it is not the end of the world. But for the sake of motivation, it is also important to imagine what could happen if you are successful in your project.


Work on your self-confidence.


Lack of self-confidence is failure’s best friend. Work on your self-confidence so that you can give yourself 100% in your plans and not let yourself be affected by some negative intrusive thoughts or even negative external comments. To help you increase your self-confidence, there are many workshops or even conferences on the subject to help to change your mindset.


Be prepared.


Knowing that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain boosts your confidence and motivation, so prepare yourself as much as possible. As the famous Oscar Wilde quote says “You always have to aim for the moon, because even if you fail you will land in the stars”, so even if you do not reach your goal the fruits of your labor will be very rarely without rewards. Plus, preparation takes precedence over action, so go for it!


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