The speaker Laura Lesueur and the Informed Feminism

11 May 2023




Laura Lesueur is a speaker, international motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author who believes in a positive vision of feminism.


Informed feminism, according to Laura Lesueur, has a reconciling and inclusive vision, as it aims to bring women and men together around the subject of gender equality to build new relationships.


Laura Lesueur believes it is time for the feminist movement to change, to avoid divisive pitfalls and to focus on building a positive and constructive vision of gender equality.


Thus, according to the speaker, it is time to get out of the binary opposition between women and men and to build together new relationships based on gender equality.


This implies new relationships between women themselves, to break out of the female rivalry that still persists too often, so that they can dare to assert themselves, assume themselves and cultivate their singularity, a point she explained in her video.


By adopting this positive, inclusive and constructive vision of feminism, we can finally build a world where women and men can coexist in an equitable and harmonious way.


She recently published a book entitled “Manifesto against radical feminism and for an enlightened feminism”. In this book, she proposes a reconciling, inclusive and constructive approach to feminism.

“So what I expose in this book is a feminism that is primarily reconciliatory, that comes out of a binary opposition and actually a bit simplistic between women and men, that can federate around it to win an adhesion.”

If you are interested in this vision, you can contact Laura Lesueur by contacting us via our speakers agency.


You will learn more about the ideas of Laura Lesueur and the enlightening contributions of women and men with rich and unique backgrounds that accompany this lively and relevant manifesto.


In conclusion, Laura Lesueur’s enlightened feminism is an invitation to build a better world based on gender equality.

This positive, inclusive and constructive vision is a collective issue in which we are all invited to participate.

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