Can technology and ecology be combined?

5 June 2023










Trained meteorologist, specialist in natural risk prevention and ethical hacker, Gael Musquet also shares his know-how and his questions at the Montigny-le-Bretonneux School of Cybersecurity 2600, as Hacking Director.Lab, which trains ethical hackers in alternation.


He is the co-founder of OpenStreetMap France, an open and collaborative mapping platform. He is particularly involved in the anticipation, prediction and prevention of natural disasters. He is one of the founding members of the Hermitage located in Autrêches and of the association Hackers Against Naturel Disasters (HAND).


Gael is in favour of preventing people from using new technologies to better anticipate risks.



Combining technology and ecology? 

In our ever-changing world, it is legitimate to ask whether technology and ecology can really coexist harmoniously. To answer this question, Gael Musquet, speaker, ethical hacker and meteorologist, who shares his vision on the subject.



According to Gael Musquet, ecology is the science that allows us to anticipate and imagine desirable futures. He stressed that technology plays a crucial role in this anticipation. Thanks to technological advances, we are able to observe our planet more accurately, allowing us to predict and anticipate environmental crises such as hurricanes. Thus, ecology and technology are closely linked, because it is the latter that allows us to predict future events and to act accordingly.


As an ethical hacker, Gael Musquet shows that hackers have an essential role to play in the combination of technology and ecology. Through their innovative spirit and ability to explore new paths, they can help anticipate environmental challenges by pushing the boundaries of technology.



However, it also stresses the importance of using these technologies responsibly and in the service of the most vulnerable populations. He recognizes that some technologies can have negative consequences, but stresses the need to use them wisely for the good of all.



An example to combine technology and ecology?

To illustrate the association between technology and ecology, the speaker mentions the evolution of telecommunications over the last 120 years. He recalls that at the time of Mount Pelee, a major natural disaster in France, wireless telegraphy was used to help affected populations. Since then, humanity has made considerable progress, moving from 5G and continuing to innovate in future generations of telephony.



This technological evolution has allowed more information to be transmitted while using increasingly low frequency bands. This breakthrough is the result of a collective understanding that the electromagnetic spectrum is a finite resource that must be managed carefully, as must our environment. Through international agreements and continued collaboration, humanity has been able to use these technologies effectively to provide assistance and alert people to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis.



The usefulness of holding a conference on technology and ecology

In conclusion, Gael Musquet, speaker, ethical hacker and meteorologist, reminds us that technology and ecology are far from incompatible. On the contrary, they can be beneficial when the technology is used responsibly and in the service of the environment and the people.



Advances in technology allow us to anticipate crises, share vital information and take appropriate measures to protect our planet. By continuing to innovate and work together, we can create a future where technology and ecology complement each other harmoniously for the benefit of all.



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