Strengthen your team with speakers: the importance of feedback and leadership

24 July 2023




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In the professional world, team cohesion and leadership are essential to achieving the goals set.

One effective way to strengthen these key aspects is to host expert-led conferences, hosted by our specialized speaker agency. These conferences create an environment conducive to constructive feedback, thus promoting personal development and collective improvement.



Why give his opinion and organize feedback?

When you give your opinion and thus share feedback, you contribute to improving the overall experience within your team. By identifying the hot spots and communicating them constructively, you can help everyone better understand expectations and correct any weaknesses.



It is important to note that feedback is not limited to criticism. It is equally essential to share the positive aspects and to recognize the work done by your employees. A benevolent, thoughtful and sincere return reinforces the feeling of consideration and esteem within the team.


Feedback can also contribute to the efficiency of your structure if suggestions for improvement are taken into account by all stakeholders. They foster a dynamic of continuous improvement and enable the team to progress together.



How to make constructive feedback?

For feedback to be effective and powerful, it is possible to adopt the “compliment sandwich” model. This model consists of framing a negative criticism between two compliments, thus creating a balance between the strengths and weaknesses of the interlocutor.


Here is how the “compliment sandwich” is structured:

1. Begin by giving a sincere compliment to the person concerned, highlighting their qualities and achievements.

2. Next, articulate in a sympathetic way any weaknesses or areas for improvement, and offer constructive solutions to address them.

3. Finally, end with a compliment, highlighting the progress or strengths of the speaker.



The importance of receiving feedback

Giving feedback is essential, but it is equally important to receive it. Be open to feedback from other members of your team as it fosters a culture of growth and continuous improvement.

Accepting constructive criticism will also allow you to improve as a leader and develop in your area of expertise. Feedback is an opportunity for personal learning and development.



In conclusion, hosting conferences with expert speakers in leadership and constructive feedback is a powerful way to strengthen team cohesion, foster personal development and improve collective performance.



Invest in your team by hosting conferences that encourage constructive feedback and strengthen leadership. Contact our speakers agency now to find the best experts for your next event.

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