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1 September 2021

Surpassing yourself is characterized by pushing your limits and stepping out of your comfort zone by facing what you dared not do.
This theme is up to date since Covid-19 has allowed many of us to discover new areas of interest. However, some do not allow themselves to be tempted by the quest to surpass themselves for fear of finding themselves facing a dead end or not reaching their goals.


Take risks

Putting yourself in danger is one of the central elements in stepping out of your comfort zone and increasing your productivity. Taking risks will allow you to broaden your scope and identify your strengths and weaknesses; don’t censor yourself!

Think about why you want to surpass yourself and for what purpose. What are the drivers that push you to change (work, family, improvement in quality of life, etc.)? Do not hesitate to dispossess your acquired knowledge: by adopting this approach you will enter a process of learning, of discovering your environment and new unsuspected resources – your “you” – which has undoubtedly been veiled by your fears for a long time. , your education, society… See the distance and visualize your future results.


Trust each other

This statement is of course easier to say than to apply, but it is not impossible. The ideal is to find the time to get to know each other in order to find your blockages.

You can also be accompanied by the new coaching service from Minds, thanks to which you can improve your personality, become more independent and learn to see yourself grow. As you support you, you will know how to assert yourself and take initiatives. Give yourself a chance.


Understand what you need and accept failure

You may have followed the adventures of Geraldine Fasnacht, also known as the “bird woman”.

During her adventures, the snowboard pro was able to surpass herself and become a better version of herself, and that in particular thanks to this advice present in one of her Minds interviews (to be discovered soon on our website): “Ouch confidence in life, things always happen at the right time! Be patient ! “.

Do not be pissed off by your goals, they are unique to you and correspond to you even if you will not always be able to meet them.


Minds and its inspiring speakers

Awareness of this subject can also be achieved through conferences on the said theme. Indeed, being able to identify with people who have already had situations / experiences similar to ours may be essential for some people.

Calling on speakers can also give your teams a boost. This will encourage them in their efforts, objectives and new targets to be achieved.

Minds has a network of experts in various fields, do not hesitate to contact us for your events.