Tamara Klink


At the age of 24, Tamara Klink sailed solo across the Atlantic on a boat bought for the price of a bike.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, March 25, 1997, in a family of sailors. During her childhood, she went to Antarctica 9 times and is passionate about navigation literature.


At the age of 23, she bought an old small sailboat in Norway at the price of a bike, with which she crossed the North Sea solo in 2020 and the Atlantic Ocean in 2021.


She became the youngest sailor in her country, both men and women, to have crossed the Atlantic alone. As a teenager, faced with a growing desire to set sail, she asked her father, the first man to row across the South Atlantic, Amyr Klink, who will consciously refuse to participate in his projects by teaching him to build his career with determination, responsibility and autonomy.


The sailors’ books motivated him to learn French and to study Architecture and Naval Architecture in Nantes.
Over the past 10 years, she has hosted over 250 conferences.


Tamara brings a fresh vision of risk-taking and commitment to the challenges of our time. With a light Brazilian accent, a lot of charisma and spontaneity, it inspires the audience with a message of hope and courage.

She has been : 

Forbes Under 30 – 2021
GoOutside Sports Magazine of the Year – Brazil, 2021
Brazilian National Navy Antarctic Competition – Brazil, 2015


Tamara has already written two books: Mil Milhas” in 2021 and “Um Mundo em Poucas Linhas” in 2021 and is co-author of “Férias na Antártica” in 2010.

She is also the director of the documentary series «Seu Melhor Caminho é o Próximo» (The Best Way is the Next) in 2021 and the TV presenter of the documentary «Mar Brasil» on the environmental issues of the Brazilian coast (2019)


Tamara speaks on various themes: 

Risk Management, Women’s Leadership, Generation Z, Engagement, Environment…


LANGUAGES SPOKEN: French, Portuguese, English.