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12 June 2023


In an ever-changing world, crises can arise from a variety of external sources, such as the loss of a key supplier, a natural disaster or the collapse of a strategic market.

As we have seen with COVID-19 and recent conflicts, companies are exposed to a multitude of risks, both internal and external. Recent events have highlighted the sensitivity and complexity of crisis management, which can have a lasting impact on an entity’s image and assets. Today, it is essential to prepare for crisis management, because crises not only affect others, but can also affect any organization.



In order to face these challenges, it is crucial to be prepared for unexpected events. Different solutions are available to you, such as training, coaching (which we propose) or the intervention of a speaker specialized in crisis management. A conference led by an expert in this field will allow employees to share proven tools and methods adapted to any company. Many themes can be addressed at these conferences.



Crisis management: an essential approach

The first step is to instill a risk culture within the company. This risk culture requires education and awareness of the existence of potential risks. When employees, citizens, leaders and decision-makers are informed, they actively participate in crisis prevention and respond more effectively when a crisis occurs.



Anticipation is also a key element of crisis management. It is essential to detect upstream situations and signals that could affect the health of the company, and to take the necessary measures to avoid a major impact. The implementation of monitoring indicators makes it possible to monitor the financial health of the company, that of suppliers and to stay on the lookout for technological advances, in order to act upstream in case of emerging risks.



Our expert speakers in crisis management

Our agency of speakers specialized in crisis management puts at your disposal renowned experts in this field. Among them, you will find for example:

Jacques Attali, founder of 4 international institutions, including Action Against Hunger, EUREKA, EBRD and Positive Planet.

– Dominique Méda, labour sociologist, whose in-depth research on this subject provides a unique understanding of the challenges of crisis management.

Matthieu Langlois, former RAID Chief Medical Officer, who brings valuable expertise in managing health and safety crises.

– Richard Vignon, a former firefighting officer with over 30 years of experience, and former prefect of the Jura, whose in-depth knowledge of emergency operations is invaluable.



Call on Minds, the speaker agency to benefit from the expertise of these renowned speakers. Their interventions will allow you to strengthen your team’s skills in crisis management and adopt good practices to deal with the most sensitive situations.



Contact our speaker agency to learn more about our services and our crisis management speakers for your next event.

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