Eric Antoine

Comedian, Magician

Eric Antoine is a magician-humorist of a new genre, “humor/illusionist”, and a French theater director.

Originally from the Paris region, Eric Antoine has several to his bow, humorist, magician, actor, author, director, and above all, he is the greatest comic in France: 2m10.


Noticed by Juste Pour Rire in 2005, he joined the troupe in stride and performed in various festivals. He is presenting a preview of his show “Satisfied or reimbursed” at Point Virgule in Paris.

The story of this show was born after a conference on illusion with the famous French philosopher André Comte-Sponville. In his show, Eric Antoine arrives on stage with more than two meters of talent and not a centimeter of waste.


During a “scientific-zygomatico-orgasmatic” conference, this crazy artist will make you oscillate between reality and illusion. An offbeat reflection on life, money, the laws of physics, and love. In an extra-terrestrial spectacle, this giant with a big heart fights against indifference and reimburses you the difference.

Eric also offers conferences: How to persuade, how to give confidence, how to unite around oneself, how to achieve one’s goal?


For that an absolute weapon: optimism! But beware of a realistic, conscious, chosen optimism.

You will discover the secrets of the famous humorist/magician through mentalism acts, real-life stories and participatory role plays.

Eric Antoine takes you on a journey towards your strength of conviction, through techniques from Theater, Psychology, NLP, Sophrology, and illusionism.

And even if the techniques or the magic trick can bring you to your goal, it is by a deeper, more subtle work that you will find your force of conviction. This is the path Eric suggests you take.

A fun and deep conference.

Spoken languages: French