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Jean-Christophe Bonis

Entrepreneur, IA expert, Futurist

After a career as VC, he decided to leave everything to give his life a a new meaning. He traveled the 5 continents to meet the different cultures impacted by today’s digital challenges.

As an entrepreneur committed to the ecosystem of successful start-ups, he led for 10 years a start-up studio dedicated to projects in the field of artificial intelligence (anomaly detection, computer vision, smart city, and industry 4.0).


Facing success and failure, he believes in “Tech for Good” and empirical experience.

Defender of “Tech for Good”, he strives to paint an uncompromising picture of our possible futures. Through his stories and reflections, he puts his experience at the service of a better understanding of these “Deep techs” which invade our daily lives and which draw the outline of a 4.0 society.


Jean-Christophe is co-author of “24 hours of innovation, wake up, it’s already tomorrow”, published by DUNOD.


Conference themes:


Artificial intelligence
ethics in technology
Impact of technologies on society


In his very last lecture, he addresses the subject of the Metarverse:

Metaverse, can we talk about Internet 3.0?
Concept or reality?
What impact for a brand? How to use the Metaverse on a daily basis?
Practical examples
Towards a new societal model and a change in consumer habits
Limits and prospects


Languages ​​spoken: French, English



  • 24H d’innovations, Réveillez vous, c’est déjà demain