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Bruno Marion


Often nicknamed the Futurist Monk, Bruno describes himself as an "emergeologist" ... He believes that we can create emergencies!

Bruno Marion helps people and organizations thrive in a chaotic world, navigate uncertainty, be more resilient and profit from crises with a new model based on Chaos Theory. Bruno is the author of the book Chaos, manual for Editions Yves Michel, and of several books on Asia including Asia, business and good manners at Eyrolles. After meeting so many people and organizations lost in chaos and on the verge of collapse, who no longer understand their markets, who waste their time and resources trying to control what is no longer controllable… After having traveled the world for 25 years and read 100 books a year on the latest developments in science, technology, philosophy and spirituality…. Bruno Marion discovered that it is possible to see the world as it is, and not as it no longer is. It is now possible to understand and act in a world that has become chaotic! Bruno Marion is an Engineer and holds an MBA. He has held leadership positions in large international companies such as Alstom Transport and is a renowned author on Asian cultures, Bruno shares a very simple new model that will make you and your organization thrive in a chaotic world. It allows you to navigate uncertainty, be more resilient, and profit from crises.


Topics of Bruno Marion’s conferences:

Decision making
energy and sustainable development
disruptive visions and tools
Asia – West
thrive in a chaotic world


Languages ​​spoken: French, English