Cyrus North

Science Youtuber

Cyrus North is a passionate popularizer. The Youtube star dedicates her time to imparting knowledge.

Cyrus North is a content creator, first known for his work in popularizing philosophy on YouTube. Today, the themes that he shares with his more than 800,000 subscribers (all platforms combined) are broader: introspection, sociology, personal development, culture, new technologies, but also news …


His goal? Teach us interesting tips, make us question ourselves and the world around us, without ever taking himself seriously.

After a preparatory class, he graduated from business school and decided to start his video project, an activity he had been doing from a young age. He has more than 90,000 followers cumulatively on his networks excluding YouTube.


He can be found in the Arte Homo digitalis documentary web series. He deals with new digital technologies and in particular, their ethical implications, “issues that are very close to my heart”. Cyrus North plays the role of presenter and intellectual surety. The Franco-German channel, for its part, praises its talents as a facilitator to the younger generation: 42% of its YouTube subscribers are between 18 and 24 years old.



Spoken languages: French, English