Dorine bourneton conférencière chez Minds

Dorine Bourneton

Aviator, writer and lecturer

Victim of a plane crash at the age of 16, Dorine Bourneton lost the use of her legs. From that moment on, she will never stop building her life with passion and will draw from this tragedy an inner strength that she proposes to share today.

As a pilot, Dorine Bourneton, through her commitment, her ability to persuade and her continuous action over many months with the authorities, has succeeded in changing French aeronautical regulations by allowing people with lower limb disabilities to obtain a professional pilot’s license.


In 2013, after her remarkable participation in the International Paris Air Show, for a flight presentation, the Rafale Solo Display pilots asked her to become their godmother.


A woman of challenges and a mother, she has an accomplished professional career in parallel. She is one of the founders of an audiovisual production company and is now involved in aerobatics.

It is this astonishing ability to adapt to constraints, the talents she has developed to overcome obstacles, and her determination to bring to fruition projects that some thought impossible, that Dorine Bourneton now wishes to share with the business world through a series of adapted conferences.


Through her testimony, she gives the keys to an extraordinary journey and offers the strength of motivation within everyone’s reach.


Themes and highlights of the conference:

– Evolution / resilience / adaptability

– Collective and individual performance

– The need for teamwork

– Boldness / surpassing oneself

– Enthusiasm / the power of joy

– Failure in the process of success




Spoken Languages: French